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Below you will find some useful resource links (just click link): - A Free Mortgage Calculator - The International Real Estate Federation

Cornell Law School - Covers all aspects of law including constitutions and codes, court opinions, law by source or jurisdiction, etc.

Tax-Deferred Exchanges - A Layman's Guide to Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Get-A-Quote.Net - Labor and material cost estimates for construction, including calculators estimating quantities for bearing walls, joists systems, concrete walls and more.

Office Space Calculator - Easily calculate how much space do you need for your new office.

Bankruptcy Questions - Basic information and answers.

State Constitutions, Statutes & Codes - By Legal Information Institute, Cornell Law School.
Landlord-Tenant Law - A general overview from Cornell University Law School.

FindLaw - Extensive legal resources on the Web.

Mexican Real Estate Law - for South of the Border. - Canadian real estate law relating to condominiums, residential and commercial real estate.

Land-use law - An overview land-use real estate law.

U.S. Municipal Codes - Listed by state.

United States Foreclosure Laws - Includes a summary of state specific foreclosure law as well as links to foreclosure law resources.

Green Real Estate Law Journal - Current issues in sustainable building law for owners, builders, and design professionals.

Construction Laws and Regulations - Full text of constitutions, statutes, ordinances, rules and regulations by state.

E-Code - Municipal codes online organized alphabetically by state.

Amazon Books Are A Great Tool - Bring Yourself Up-to-Speed

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